Happy to discuss any of these piece in further detail:

  • ERP first aid kit. McKinsey internal paper. Many companies start ERP implementations in good faith, defining the high level principles that drive the need for ERP (e.g., reduced transaction costs through harmonization), the scope of activities to be included, an end state, and a business case that justifies the investment. However as ERP transformation progress, these pieces of cornerstone thinking are often lost. This paper identifies approaches to drive value back into a failing ERP led transformation based on three turnarounds in different industries.
  • IT Budget Targeting via Benchmarking Supply and Demand of IT Services. McKinsey internal paper. Abstract: Tackling the thorny of issue of how to determine a company’s IT budget, types of IT benchmarking and methods to conduct for service benchmarking and business demand. Detailed approaches to defining service cost transparency via raw benchmark comparisons, explanations of unit cost differences, and determining actiona plans on IT service volume and SLAs are detailed.
  • Effort and cost estimation for Java systems integration and application development projects. Accenture Internal staff paper. Abstract: Estimating development costs of projects can be problematic and the consequences serious, and while accurate estimation models exist, the effort to maintain these as requirements rapidly change can represent an insurmountable burden. This paper proposes a new model based on historical data from 7 projects between 2000-2003, and is combined with the author’s experience in developing training programs Java programming qualifications for Accenture's new hires in the UK.....
  • Diamond film smoothing and the limitations of heating effects: an invesitgation via computer simulations using grid computing. Master thesis, UCL Department of Physics & Astronomy
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